Acquisition and Technical Sections

-Acquisition Section

Books are acquired through Acquisition Section. A Librarian has been deputed for the acquisition of books and non-book material. A fine collection of books has been developed systemically through Book Selection Committee comprising the subject specialist from universities and post-graduate colleges. The meetings of the committee are held periodically to select books and other material. Preliminary selection is made by the professional staff which is later on placed before the Book Selection Committee for final selection. The prominent booksellers are also asked to supply the latest books on approval basis. A number of book catalogs from foreign as well as local publishers and booksellers are received. Book Selection Committee also selects books from these catalogs for the library.

Technical Section

Books are processed in this section. Each book is given a class number that reflects its subject and determines its place on the shelves. The class number appearing on the spines of books indicates the location of books on the shelves. It consists of at least three digits; if longer than three, the number is broken by a decimal point e.g. 300.942. Items shelved outside the main sequence of books are identified by code of letters which precede the class number e.g. REF for Reference Section, T for Text Books, S for Scholarly Literature etc.

The collection is arranged according to Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme. According to this scheme, the knowledge is divided into ten classes which are tabulated under:

001-099 Communications, Data Processing, Librarianship 600-699 Medicine, Engineering, Technology
100-199 Philosophy, Psychology 700-799 Arts, Sports
200-299 Religion, Islam 800-899 Literature
300-399 Social Sciences 900-999 Geography, History
400-499 Languages B Biography
500-599 Pure Sciences