Books Collection

The Library has a collection of 141,000 volumes, both in English and Oriental languages. Approximately 3,000 books are being added every year. New Books are displayed for a month or so in separate cabinets before shelving to their proper places.

Standard books on literature, science, history, reference works and periodicals have been acquired. Latest books on management, business administration, technology and social sciences are being continuously acquired. The library holds a small collection of doctoral dissertations. A printed list of works dealing with Pakistan, Islam, South Asia is available. Access to doctoral dissertations is with the permission of the Chief Librarian. A small collection of Rare Books is kept in Ghulam Jillani Khan Room. Some precious books are exhibited in glass cases in Oriental Section.

Under an agreement, Quaid-e-Azam Library was designated as “depository library” for publications of Asian Development Bank. Access is available to all reports through computer by author, title, subject and keywords. Most of the books are displayed on open shelves and arranged by subjects. Oversized books, atlases and dictionaries are shelved in separate stands. Pamphlets are kept in study boxes. New Books are displayed for a month on a special shelf with guide slips “New Arrivals”.