Computer Section/eLab


A separate eSection comprising 50 computers has been established for use of library members. It provides them access to the digital library resources (16,500 eBooks), magazines. Members are entitled to free of cost internet service in this section and the following facilities are available for them in this section: 



  • Availability of Koha Web Opac Cloud at:
  • Searching of library's books catalogue (English and Urdu) by author, title, subject, account number, place, publisher, year, series etc.
  • Searching of newspapers/periodicals/articles on world's hottest issues with press clippings in PDF or docs format (Subject/Country Wise)
  • Searching audio/visual material for information gathering
  • Searching of Urdu/Arabic/Persian books
  • Availability of ADB/UNESCO/UN reports online
  • Internet browsing and emailing
  • Educational downloads
  • Access to HEC Digital Resources
  • Hi-speed WIFI connectivity
  • Printing (Rs. 5/- per page)
  • Access to digital magazines/informative material listed under:
    • Foreign Affairs
    • Monthly Dawn Editorials
    • Monthly Global Point Current Affairs
    • The Economist
    • Foreign Policy Magazine
    • Diplomat
    • Advanced Microeconomic
    • The Role of Power In Economics
    • Time
    • The Nation