Photoshoot Bookings

Rates and Rules

For private programs/commercials in Quaid-e-Azam Library following rates shall be charged:

  • For 2 hours  | Rs.50,000/-
  • For 4 hours  | Rs.75,000/-
  • For 6 hours   | Rs.100,000/-
  • For 24 hours   | Rs.150,000/-
  • For wedding shoots in building following amount will be charged:
    • Inside Rs.20,000/-
    • Outside | Rs.10,000/-
  • For commercial shoots outside the premises of the library charges will be Rs.25,000/-
  • For literary programs in Iqbal Hall by private organizations, Rs.25,000/- will be charged.
  • Use of Iqbal Hall for literary programs with the collaboration of Quaid-e-Azam shall be free of cost.