Special Collection/Rare Books

A small collection of Rare Books is kept in Ghulam Jillani Khan Room. Some precious books are exhibited in glass cases in Oriental Section.

Personal Collection

Library has received the following personal collection:

  • Atta Ullah Khan Collection (donated by heirs of Ata-ul-Allah Kaleem)
  • Khawaja Manzoor Hussain Collection (donated by heirs of Khwaja Manzoor Hussain)
  • Mian Bashir Ahmad Collection (donated by heirs of Mian Bashir Ahmed)
  • Zia Collection (donated by heirs of Mian Abdul Hameed Zia)
  • Dr. Naseer Ahmed Nasir Collection (donated by heirs of Dr. Naseer Ahmed Nasir)
  • Safdar Mir Collection (donated by heirs of Safdar Mir)
  • Chinese Gift (donated by management of Chinese Embassy, Islamabad)
  • Asian Development Bank Reports (donated by Asian Development Bank)
  • Rasheeda and Bashir Ahmad Khan (donated by Rasheeda and Bashir Ahmad Khan)
  • Qamar Jaferi Collection (donated by Qamar Jaferi)
  • Dr. Naseer Ahmad Nasir Collection (donated by heirs of Dr. Naseer Ahmad Nasir)
  • Muhammad Akhtar Collection (donated by Muhammad Akhtar)
  • Saad Abdul Qadeer Collection (donated by Saad Abdul Qadeer)
  • British Council (donated by British Council)
  • G. M. Shabbir Collection (donated by G. M. Shabbir)