Subscribed Journals and Periodicals

Approved List of Periodicals/Magazines 2021

The approved list of periodicals/magazines for 2021 is tabulated below:


Title Country Frequency
Asian Survey America Bi-Monthly
Blooming Business America Weekly
Discover America Monthly
The Economist Britain Weekly
Foreign Affairs America Bi-Monthly
Foreign Policy America Bi-Monthly
Harvard Business Review America Monthly
Harvard Educational Review America Quarterly
International Affairs Britain Quarterly
International Defense Review Britain Monthly
Journal of Asian Studies America Quarterly
Library Trends America Quarterly
Middle East Journal America Quarterly
MIT Technology Review America Bi-Monthly
National Geographic America Monthly
Newsweek America Weekly
Psychology Today America Bi-Monthly
Reader Digest Hong Kong Monthly
Social Sciences Russia Quarterly
Strategic Britain Annually
Survival Britain Quarterly
Time America Weekly



Title Country Frequency
Advance Contemporary Affairs Pakistan Occasional
Pakistan & Gulf Economist Pakistan Weekly
Global Age Pakistan Monthly
Jahangir's World Times Pakistan Monthly
Press Review Pakistan Monthly
Pakistan Development Review Pakistan Quarterly
Pakistan Horizon Pakistan Quarterly
Pakistan Library and Information Science Journal Pakistan Quarterly


Title Country Frequency
Akhbar-e-Jahan Pakistan Weekly
Family Pakistan Weekly
Hakayat Pakistan Weekly
Khawateen Digest Pakistan Weekly
Nida-e-Millat Pakistan Weekly
Quami Digest Pakistan Weekly
Sayyara Digest Pakistan Weekly
Takbeer Pakistan Weekly
Tareekh Pakistan Weekly
Urdu Digest Pakistan Weekly
Al-Halal Pakistan Monthly